If you are looking to rewire a property, whether it be domestic or commercial, it is important that you ask about an electrical installation condition report from a professional domestic electrician or commercial electrician. All electrical contractors should be able to provide them when inspecting the condition of your electrics. But what are these reports?

What is an electrical installation report?

An electrical installation report will tell you the condition of the electrical installation. There will be numerous codes, but in short, it will inform you of any safety issues and defects, as well as any deviations from current electrical regulations. Only someone who is qualified, and experienced should perform these reports. Your electrical contractor should have all required knowledge of all installations to fit the criteria.

How long will it take?

The timeframe for the report will come down to the size of the property. A small home could be completed in a matter of hours due to there being fewer areas of inspection. A large building, however, could take weeks if it is industrial or commercial property.

All electrics must be switched off from the mains to protect the safety of the electrician. This will also allow the expert to test the circuit. It is crucial that you inform anyone else in the building that the inspection is due to take place, particularly in industrial buildings that may affect others outside of the business.

Is a report necessary?

Businesses must have electrical installation condition reports, as well as buildings designed for multiple occupancies. This could mean anything from a block of flats to a house share. This has been a requirement for a number of years. Those staying in privately rented properties may need them, depending on where you live. However, it is not yet a requirement for those who own a home and live in it.

Not everyone must have a completed report, but you should always check to see if you do. This will let you know if you are within the law and keeping those within the building safe.

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