With the nights being darker there is more emphasis for lighting your home to illuminate throughout long hours of the day and night, which is why you’re probably looking for home lighting design tips.

Changing your electrical lighting is a tiresome task, whether it’s due to technical issues or a necessity to brighten up the home during the darker months. Planning for it is a necessity and to have it done accurately you need approved electrical contractors.

General Lighting or Ambient

This lighting is the home’s overall lighting gained through natural resources.

It encompasses the main part of your home and optimises the light sources. When planning for this part of the home, you can take advantage of well-lit areas whilst with bigger rooms you may require fixtures in ceilings. Natural sunlight providing a stream through your living room area and kitchen provides a welcome ambience throughout those mornings.

Whatever sunlight you can attain through your day is a most welcome addition.

Task and Accent Light

These areas for lighting focus on sections of your home that are utilised for study, reading and relaxing and have a need for seamless continuity when it comes to lighting requirements.

If there is a section in your living room or study area where you like to read or work, this will require additional lighting that is not intrusive but at the same time gives a natural feel to compensate for the darker evenings or afternoons where natural light would normally provide a benefit. For kitchen use, you can install focus lighting by kitchen basins or cabinets to highlight areas of search like drawers or wash areas.


Feature lighting is a focus on areas to highlight specific decorative areas or corners of your home that attract a lot of shadows.

This can be utilised by decorative lamps or chandelier fittings that enhance the look of your home as well as provide light to fancy areas and structures. If you have sculptures or art pieces within the home, feature lighting helps to provide them with a cosy and accentuated touch.

Tips to Enhance Lighting Choices

When looking to make better use of your lighting designs of choice in the darker months, there are factors which can help to give it the best overall quality.

The first challenge is working within your budget range to find the right fittings, which come in many varieties. It can be very easy to over-indulge in fancy and expensive fittings so you need to get the most for your money. The colour choice of your lighting is very important to your home so choosing either white or yellow or a mixture provides a more illuminated backdrop.

LED’s come in various shapes, colours, sizes and wattage which provide their own heat emissions which could raise room temperature or surroundings. Be sure to check the colour temperature of all light fittings as the lesser the colour temperature the more warmth from the light.

Overall you need to know that the person handling your electrical requirements is up to the task. CEB Electrics are the premier electrical contractors North West with experience in every aspect of electrical installations and inspections.

When it comes to effectively lighting your home and keeping costs down, home lighting design tips from CEB are all you need. Contact the team at CEB.

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