It’s the time of the year where we tend to use electricity a lot more than usual, and this year with the added lockdown we will tend to double or even triple our consumption in lighting, gadgets and utilities. But wouldn’t it be best to know how to reduce energy consumption at home beforehand?

We tend not to think about our electricity usage during this time but always have an eye-opener when the bill arrives. So to help combat the costs that will no doubt have an impact this year more than ever, electrical contractors North West offer up some tips on how to conserve your energy use.

The Simplest Things

The first port of call may sound simple, but you may be surprised to discover that you don’t abide by them most of the time.

  1. Using energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs over old fashioned light bulbs does have a positive impact of consuming around 60% less energy. They may be a little bit more expensive than the average bulb but the cost savings over time as well a longer lifespan poses an attractive incentive to switch, as well as not overheating like the older bulbs which is a relief when the hotter months come back.
  2. Implementing intelligent lighting through the home is a huge help, such as motion sensor lamps placed in prime locations in the room. This saves a lot of energy.
  3. It may sound condescending but simply turning off a light when exiting a room plays its part. If you have children they tend to be the biggest perpetrators of left on lights with their bedrooms, bathrooms and landing lights a constant forgotten item. Also turning off your kitchen lighting after cooking dinner can save a lot of money in the long run.
  4. Having unused electrical appliances on standby still consumes multiple amounts of energy. If you are leaving the house you should turn off items like your cooker or desktop monitors. This can save upto 1000 kWh a year.
  5. A-Class appliances tend to have a higher yield for fewer watts. If your older appliances such as a fridge or freezer could benefit from an upgrade to a newer model with a more streamlined energy consumption rate, it will save you considerably over the year.
  6. Avoiding the use of plug-in electric heaters cuts your consumption considerably in the winter months. Also, instant water heaters and boiling taps which take a larger amount of consumption.
  7. Something that everyone is guilty of is leaving your mobile device charger plugged in constantly. This you can save energy consumption on by unplugging when not charging.
  8. It’s always worthy of getting your home insulated which can either cost a lot of money or potentially qualify to be insulated by a governing body. This helps to drastically reduce energy costs such as heating and cooling.

There are many ways to fine-tune your energy consumption, and talking with an electrician identify what areas are potentially using a lot more energy than others. Talk with the team at CEB Electrics today to help figure out how to reduce energy consumption at home.

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