Christmas is rapidly approaching and although many family units will be spending their Christmas indoors this year, don’t be fooled for thinking those with plans to invade houses this year will be put off by the prospect of what you have hidden under your tree. The only true deterrent for pesky vandals is home security lights and CCTV.

Chances are they will be planning to access your home in the middle of the night whilst you sleep when it’s at its darkest, so now could be a good time to prepare to combat that possibility. All of the following recommendations should be consulted with an electrician before implementing them.

Outside Lighting

Statistics show that houses with home security lights act as a deterrent to thieves as they will not be covered by the darkness to do their work.

Lighting that is motion censored is the most alarming method for you and your family, as well as neighbours who are quick to notice when light is triggered. The sudden burst of light catches a thief off guard and has a greater chance of them abandoning their plans and leaving the premises in a hurry. Whilst constant outside lighting can act as a put-off, it could also allow them to improvise around lighted areas and plan how to access your home.

By preparing the outside of your home to handle any unwanted visitors, you give a sense of awareness that will deter them from ruining your Christmas.

Security Systems

As sad as it is to feel we need them, having a working security system is the difference between easy access and impossible access for those intruders.

With advances in technology bringing incredible ease to the security of your home, you can now even look over your home whilst being as far as another country thanks to mobile phone technology being able to link to your home cameras.

Not only is updating your home security systems a peace of mind for yourselves wherever you are but also showcases to burglars that this is one home that is off their Christmas list.


It may give off the feel like Closed Circuit Television units are more for warehouses and work premises, but the rise in CCTV for the home is the number one effective turn off for criminals when it comes to the home. For this, you don’t need to consult with a commercial electrician as a domestic electrician can also provide all the information you need.

What this means is, due to CCTV’s infrared lighting, criminals can work in the dark unaware that their every move is being recorded and fully exposing them to the full extent of punishment by law. It’s the equivalent of them being caught without care and attention to their work, allowing them to continue their crime feeling they are getting away with it.

With that fear, any home that clearly signposts that they have CCTV implemented is an instant cross off on their schedule of criminal endeavours.

With Christmas approaching it should be a high time to source electrical installation security to combat the threat, and by talking with a domestic electrician ensures that whatever you implement should have enough power running through the circuit to effectively work.

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