Hiring the best electrical contractors for your home is essential for making sure they can perform such a sensitive job. Any miscalculation will put your home and family at risk, which is why you must find the right business for the job! To make sure you have the best team for keeping your home safe, here are our top questions to ask your domestic electrician!

Questions to ask your electrical contractor: Do you have a license?

It’s easy for the electrical contractor to respond with a “yes”, which is why you must make sure that they can present you with a permit. After all, you aren’t just expecting quality work from them! Liability insurance and work guarantees are two other factors to consider when choosing the best electrical contractor.

A licensed electrical contractor will have passed specific tests and qualifications and will be able to perform the job in compliance with national safety guidelines.

Do you have insurance?

Being an electrical contractor is a high-risk job, which is why insurance is a must-have for anyone who wants to provide this service.

What specific work can you do?

This question will give you confidence that you have found the right person or company for the job. So, if you need a new security system, it’s important to check that the person you choose is experienced in this department.

Does your work cover a warranty?

A Warrantee is a good way to provide yourself with peace of mind should anything go wrong after installation. This isn’t something everyone offers, but it is always worth asking.

Are there any additional costs?

The cost is an important element you cannot overlook. In many cases, you may find yourself expecting to pay more than the professional or labour charges. There could be other elements to the project that require payment, so be sure to check.

Can you provide references?

Without references, you are basing their ability to do the job based on their word alone. References from previous clients or even a portfolio will serve as testimonials to the electrician’s credibility. You can also check online for testimonials or ask friends who may have worked with them in the past, but it does help if the electrician can provide examples with confidence.

How long will the job take?

You should never expect a job to be done too quickly as it can compromise the quality of the job. If they cannot give you an estimation or just seem to be guessing, you are within your rights to doubt the reliability of their services.

Who will be involved in electrical work?

Whoever you speak to may not actually be the person performing the job. It is important to check that whoever you speak with can provide the names of the people who you should expect to arrive at your front door on the agreed-upon day.

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