Christmas time is upon us again and to be honest it is not Christmas until those lights are dug out of a cupboard or loft space to decorate the home.

Untangling the lights may be one thing that tests you this season, but there are still electrical considerations to have during this part of the year that an electrician can help you fully understand, such as electrical safety for Christmas lights.

Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Xmas without that tree in your home, but careful consideration should be made on what type of tree you select.

Many people choose a real Christmas tree for an authentic feel but it is worth considering that a real tree carries with it a much higher risk of fire hazard over a fake tree that is fire retardant. With those fairy lights draped around it you could risk a faulty bulb causing a spark or even water from keeping the tree healthy running into your plug sockets causing a fire risk.

If you use a real tree be sure to keep it away from heat sources and electrical sockets and be wary of covering the tree in spray snow or anything to make it look prettier which can be extra flammable.

Be Sure That Excess Sockets are Turned Off

At Christmas, we tend to use nearly every socket in the room to either charge gadgets or use extensions to power decorations inside and out.

From forgetting about hair straighteners to lamps left on to keep the house lit, it is best to make sure that if you are leaving the house to turn off all unessential equipment and sockets to reduce an overload or shortage within your home, which can lead to a blowout or fire.

Don’t leave the Lights on Overnight

Showing off our decorative skills is one thing, but the real risk is when you leave them on throughout the night.

When you go to bed, it’s important to turn off all decorations to reduce the risk of overheating and giving them a break. Plus, it saves you a lot of energy usage when you are not awake to enjoy them as well as not endangering your family whilst safe asleep in bed.

Christmas Day Festivities

If you are planning a family party this Christmas then it’s best to remember not to overdo things; particularly your sockets and extensions.

You’ll find that extensions and adapters are going to be used more throughout the day, and it becomes very easy to trip over them with everything happening around you. Try to reduce their use as much as possible.

Also, it’s wise before you all go out for a Christmas drive to unplug those laptops or charging devices before you leave, especially if you are using a cheap unbranded charger for them. Overcharging can pose a serious risk and if left on a bed or pillow or any surface that is not hard, it’s easy to witness a fire started.

Expert Guidance

For everything you need to understand about safe Christmas light installation and to check that your breakers and sockets can handle the excess Christmas usage, contact the team at CEB Electrics for a fully qualified domestic electrician breakdown on your electrical safety for Christmas lights this holiday season.

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