With so many innovations and developments in commercial lighting and technology, now has never been a better time to get a commercial lighting upgrade. Doing so will ensure your lighting systems meet the necessary regulations. What’s more, it will create huge energy savings, both financially and environmentally! But how do you know if it is time to upgrade your commercial lighting?

Upgrade your commercial lighting: The expert’s opinion

At CEB Electrical, we are an expert electrician team who are more than capable of providing your commercial space with an in-depth review of your current lighting. We can provide advice on the recommended improvements that you may need and install the necessary upgrades for you.

The importance of up to date lighting in the workplace

As an employer, it is your duty to consider the wellbeing of your employees. This includes ensuring that the workplace has safe and efficient lighting in all areas and that they meet the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Poor lighting can have a negative impact on how well your employees perform. Their motivation can drop in poor lighting conditions, meaning their productivity will do the same. What’s more, Fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and eye-straining, which will lead to additional health issues. By upgrading to LED lighting, your team will continue to work efficiently and in good health!

You can even add sensors to your LED lights so that they only switch on when necessary. This is a great way to help save energy and money as the lights will only be in use if required. The best thing about sensors is that you don’t need to remember to switch them off as they will do it on their own!

LED lighting and energy-saving halogen bulbs are more energy-efficient than the majority of the older lighting systems that are still used in commercial premises and offices. Upgrading your system to new bulbs will benefit the environment and your pocket.

External lighting

During the winter months, external lighting on the premises of your business plays a role in the impact of your staff and property security.

Good lighting around doors and paths will offer a sense of safety to your staff when they enter and leave the premises throughout the day. They can also follow walkways with ease to get to their car or to the pavement.

You will also want to keep your premises secure, which can be done with the help of security lighting. Dark areas that can offer criminals the opportunity to keep themselves hidden can now be lit with motion sensors. This will again, save energy, but will also ensure that no neighbours are disturbed with noise pollution throughout the night.

How can we help?

At CEB, we have plenty of experience working on numerous projects for commercial properties and can provide you with a lighting system that meets your requirements. Get in touch to find out more, direct from a domestic electrician or a commercial electrician. .

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