electrical safety christmas lights

Christmas Lights Go Up!

Christmas time is upon us again and to be honest it is not Christmas until those lights are dug out of a cupboard or loft space to decorate the home. Untangling the lights may be one thing that tests you this season, but there are still electrical considerations to have during this part of the […]

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home security lights

Security Lighting Saves on Losses at Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and although many family units will be spending their Christmas indoors this year, don’t be fooled for thinking those with plans to invade houses this year will be put off by the prospect of what you have hidden under your tree. The only true deterrent for pesky vandals is home security […]

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how to reduce energy consumption at home

Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption

It’s the time of the year where we tend to use electricity a lot more than usual, and this year with the added lockdown we will tend to double or even triple our consumption in lighting, gadgets and utilities. But wouldn’t it be best to know how to reduce energy consumption at home beforehand? We […]

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home lighting design tips

Effective Lighting Tips

With the nights being darker there is more emphasis for lighting your home to illuminate throughout long hours of the day and night, which is why you’re probably looking for home lighting design tips. Changing your electrical lighting is a tiresome task, whether it’s due to technical issues or a necessity to brighten up the […]

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diy electrical repairs

Resist the Youtube DIY Electrical Repairs

The internet has given everyone access to a wealth of information at your fingertips with a quick Google search to provide you with every key piece of information available from multiple sources. There is nothing more satisfying than gaining the knowledge to have a go at whatever task you didn’t know how to handle. However, […]

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common electrical problems at home

Troubleshooting Common Electrical Problems

There is no greater danger than life-threatening common electrical problems at home. It is important to keep an eye on all of your electrical situations and report any suspicious activities to local electrical contractors as often the course can not be correctly identified by yourself. Electrical wiring problems are a very common cause for concern […]

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outside security lights

Security Lighting for the Winter Season

As the festive season approaches it becomes a time when you splash out on those expensive items during the Christmas shopping, although they are not just a wonderful gift for a loved one; they are also a huge temptation for those looking to enter your home unannounced and uninvited. No matter where you live you […]

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how to conserve energy

Conserving Energy in the Home

The need to bring down annual bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint can be utilised in many ways, from ensuring a lid is on a pot to having your washing machine set at a lower setting can be great when first discovering how to conserve energy. There are multitudes of ways you can conserve your […]

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fully qualified domestic electrician

Domestic Electricians specialise in Interior Lighting

During this time of the year, optimising natural light in the daytime is a fantastic way to highlight your interior. However, as the nights start to come earlier in October, you will need to rely on interior lighting from a fully qualified domestic electrician to keep the ambience of your home continuingly welcome. As those […]

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