The need to bring down annual bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint can be utilised in many ways, from ensuring a lid is on a pot to having your washing machine set at a lower setting can be great when first discovering how to conserve energy.

There are multitudes of ways you can conserve your energy usage whilst being kind to your bank balance over the year with every room giving their own options to help. These are pieces of advice that any domestic electrician will give to better enjoy your home.

Your kitchen is an area that will no doubt use a lot of electricity day in and day out on a constant cycle. If you tend to boil water in a pot you can bring the water to boil sooner by simply keeping a lid on the top which will utilise less energy, or simply use a kettle to boil it. If you plan on boiling an egg, you can achieve the same result by turning the heat off early and letting the residual heat finish cooking it.

The simple placement of appliances within the kitchen area can have a huge impact on consumption of energy. By placing your fridge or freezer next to a cooker or within direct sunlight or other heatsource you are using even more energy than expected for the appliances to be able to compensate. At the same time, ensuring your freezer is not using up too much energy by being colder than required. Defrosting both your fridge and freezer on a regular basis, even if they defrost automatically, to make sure that ice does not build up making them work even harder and increasing their energy use whilst doing so.

Instead of using a tumble dryer or dryer function on the washing machine, try to adopt the use of an outside washing line when appropriate. Even if it is raining outside you can use indoor airers to help dry your washing, saving you further on energy consumption.

We all like to be warm and cosy, but by turning down your thermostat by as much as one degree you can save upwards of £90 yearly as well as saving on consumption. There is nothing wrong with just simply donning a jumper or wrapping in a blanket if a little chilly.

Having a relaxing bath is great but for saving energy it pays off to shower more. Yearly savings on gas bills could be of more benefit if a family replaced a bath a week with a quick shower. No longer than 5 minutes is required for a shower, taking longer ones can add over £10 to your gas bills alone.

Allowing natural sunshine and warmth into your home throughout the day through your curtains and blinds will be a huge help, and closing them at night will help to retain the warmth collated. Ensure your household radiators are bled on a regular basis. Air in the pipes will affect your home being heated in quick fashion and use up more energy.

Look at the option of having your home rewired by approved electrical contractors, especially if your wiring is over a decade old. Some older wirings may not be equipped to handle multiple power sources running alongside each other with increased risk of overload or inefficient supply.

For more advice and information on conserving energy, and to enquire about our electrical services, contact CEB Electrics.

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