The internet has given everyone access to a wealth of information at your fingertips with a quick Google search to provide you with every key piece of information available from multiple sources. There is nothing more satisfying than gaining the knowledge to have a go at whatever task you didn’t know how to handle.

However, whilst video tutorials on sites such as Youtube may give you the answers, they don’t give you the qualifications to safely implement electrical work throughout the home. Attempting to handle such areas can be extremely dangerous as that online video has not evaluated the problem at hand, only given advice on how to work on a problem they have handled in the past. To fully reduce the risks to your home and your health, you still need the services of approved electrical contractors.

Minor Work reduces Major Problems

Even tackling the most seemingly minor electrical work can be done incorrectly by utilising the school of Youtube DIY electrical repairs. It may even be the lesson that ends in your home losing all electricity and resulting in hiring a domestic electrician to fix the problems on a larger scale than it should have been.

In the past, CEB Electrics have been called to many clients who have taken their new-found knowledge from a five-minute video and caused a singular error that has resulted in major non-compliance. In some cases, we have managed to identify patched together work that is a road to serious house fires or fatal electrical shocks causing injury or death.

The smallest of errors lead to the biggest of losses when it comes to electrical wiring, installation or repair.

The Online Misconception

It is sometimes a quite common myth on DIY electrical repairs videos that domestic voltage running through a house’s electrical wiring is not enough to be fatal.

This is a very dangerous incorrect thought process to promote. The line from a transformer to your house runs at around 240 volts and if fault is found on the line it can possibly be carrying more power than that. In case you are unaware, that is certainly more than enough power to kill, make no mistake about it.

Not everything you hear online is true, so if you are told this in any video then you seriously have to question why you would take any further guidance from it.

Safety First

You may feel comfortable in the changing of a light fitting or fuse but when it comes to repairing complex wiring faults or any important electrical work that you feel you need to look up online, it’s a safer bet to not waste the time and utilising a professional electrician.

Electrical inspections and repairs need to be in the hands of a qualified professional with extreme caution in mind. By having one working on the problem, the correct tools are being used and the potential unforeseen faults that can be the cause of a chain reaction are identified and fixed before you lose the most important things in life.

For full-service electrical repairs and installations, contact the team at CEB Electrics for a highly trained service.

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