Outside lighting is more than just making your garden look stylish and calming. It also adds extra layers of security as well as safety, which is why it’s important to sift through the variety of outside lighting ideas first.

Now when we say outside lighting you may automatically think that means installing a floodlight to your garden, which in all honesty does not endear you to neighbours and is pretty overkill unless you are holding night-time football matches.

Also, you won’t find yourself accessing the same areas of the garden at night that you would in the day, so instead of lighting everything around the garden you should be focusing on areas adjacent to the home. Being creative with lighting outside means highlighting key features such as a tree or specific garden feature to give some much needed depth during evenings.

Overall, outside lighting is for the enjoyment of those nights indoors providing a comforting view instead of hiding the darkness behind pulled curtains. Moreover there are 4 main areas that outside lighting provides a backdrop for the home.


Having outside lighting gives better levels of safety in navigating garden spaces and not tripping or falling over steps or features. Having walkways and steps illuminated with lighting means that you can safely navigate the garden on any trips in the night or those weekly wheelie bin late night pull outs. Discussing your plans with electrical contractors North West provides safety measures for your home before implementing this extra surge of electricity.


Statistically burglars and thieves will be more inclined to leave a home that is well lit, feeling that the extra levels of security will no doubt be in place with home security systems and cameras. It also hinders their ability to operate stealthily in stealing from your home.

Creative Extension

The garden can become an extra room in the home for evenings and summer occasions, giving the family a chance to enjoy the outdoors and not have to retire indoors when the sun goes down.

Pleasing to the Eye

To give your home a pleasing look 24/7 from inside and out.

There are many different styles of outside lighting to choose from to complete the look from Up-lighting, Downlighting, Path Lighting to spot lighting and backlighting. If your home is stunning architecture it can benefit with being illuminated from below to give it a dramatic presence. Flare shields and foundation planting can even be utilised to hide the light source giving a less obvious feel. If you are planning to light the front of your home then it is always recommended you check with local authorities so as not to fall prey to planning laws or worse, neighbours who will not appreciate your grand plans.

When it comes to installing outdoor lighting it is best to employ a professional electrician to oversee all aspects to ensure safety is of high priority. From checking and implementing new sockets to ensuring the correct current to power it is being utilised. The power you have now may not be suitable or your circuit breakers could be overloaded with a wattage that may be too powerful.

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