With summer’s end just around the corner and the evenings starting to sneak upon us earlier and earlier, we all will rely on even more interior lighting. So whenever you start to witness flickering lights or no electrical current seemingly working, it’s time to bring in a professional electrician for your indoor light installation.

Don’t get us wrong, you may feel you are knowledgeable enough to tackle the basic tasks to save a bit of money here and there, but without the knowledge and experience of where these problems may be emanating from, you stand more chance of doing further damage or worse still, making your home a serious hazard area.

Instinctually you will always get around to leaving it for another day when it comes to you doing it yourself, which is among the biggest risks of all. Over time it is left unattended even bigger damage could be inflicted to further parts of the building giving you even more work to do.

Approved electrical contractors have safety in mind above all else, and fully identifying problems and potential risks. However, doing your part to help is crucial to them doing theirs. First of all, if you find your home in darkness your first port of call is identifying if it is a singular light or if others are affected also. Simply flick the switches to see the width of the problem at hand.

It’s always handy to keep a torch in the house which would be of use in then looking over the fuse box. Check the easily labelled mains switch and check if the switch is on or off. If your switch is on it may be worth checking with your neighbours to ascertain if there has been a power cut in the street or block. Power cuts are usually infrequent and solved within an hour in some cases, which will be frustrating if you are just wanting that good old cup of tea.

If it is singled out to just one light, it could just be the bulb that needs changing that does not require a brilliant mind to change. Make sure beforehand that your light switch for the room is turned off though, it’s easy to forget in a room with no light.

If this provides no joy in fixing the problem it could be a faulty cable or flex connection and this is where you are going to need a domestic electrician to help. Safely accessing and reconnecting the wiring in accordance with building regulations can be the difference between safe living and a trip to the emergency room.

For your electrical safety and repair needs, light installation and wiring problems, contact CEB Electrics to be sure that you won’t be left in the dark over the coming months.

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