The first thing many homeowners and business owners require from an electrical contractor, and pretty much any other tradesman, is a quote. A quote allows you to understand what you will be paying for their services, but it goes deeper than just a number. Here are some things to consider when getting a quote from your electrical contractor.

Getting a quote from your electrical contractor: Ask questions

It might be wise for you to speak with the electrical contractor face to face if you are looking for a quote on large-scale-jobs. This is anything bigger than a simple inspection, fix or replacement. How they detail their quotation will give you plenty of information regarding their process. You should also check to see what the quote includes, such as VAT and materials.

You may want to check various quotes to see which is the best value for money but remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean better! A minimum of three separate quotations can help you determine if any seem too good to be true. If this is the case, you could be dealing with a tradesman who simply wants to seal the deal but will throw in extra charges along the way.


As mentioned, you must understand what you will get for your money. Many contractors will itemise each element of their services and let you know upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Be sure to ask about warranties, terms and conditions, and the brands they will use.

Think before you accept

Although one contractor may provide a quote you cannot refuse, it is still important to think on it before you accept it. As we said, it may be too good to be true! Ask plenty of questions, make sure they tick as many boxes as possible, then take your time in choosing the best contractor for the job.

Be realistic on price

It is important to remember that a trustworthy contractor will quote you based on not only the work they do but what is sustainable for their business. There is a lot involved when it comes to electrical services, from finding the best products and materials to paying their staff. If a contractor offers a specifically low quote, this could mean they are buying cheap components that won’t be covered by a warranty should anything go wrong. However, a trustworthy contractor will be happy to inform you of exactly what their quote will cover, the materials they use and more.

Arranging payments

When it comes to how you will pay your electrical contractor, be sure to have a clear conversation about this. The majority of tradesmen will not expect you to pay everything up front, though a deposit might be up for discussion. Be sure to avoid paying cash too, and instead see if they accept bank transfer or cheques.

Getting a quote from CEB Electrics

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