Preparing for Nights Out on a Night In

With people spending more time at home and finding that extra time to focus on their garden features, a popular addition to the garden space has been outdoor lighting that makes the home that little bit extra, especially on those warm evenings when it gets too stuffy inside.

So how do external light fittings give your home that extra layer of comfort throughout the year?

Festoon Lights

Even though the days can be longer during the summer, festoon lights have proven to be popular for gardens that see activities such as parties, weddings or celebrations all year around or simply just to liven up your garden space.

Good ways to utilise Festoon lighting is to outline boundaries of your garden or fashionably decorate trees or bushes to give either a festive or energised feel around your property.

Should the weather be a burden on festivities, festoon lighting can bring the party inside also no matter what you celebrate.

Wall Lighting

Nothing makes sitting outside in your garden feel more relaxing than strategically positioned wall lighting to not only illuminate the garden but also give your home a night identity instead of an ominous dark shadow in the background.

External wall lighting has many designs to suit as well as the capacity to be sensory to movement outside as a trigger, meaning you don’t need a light switch as soon as stepping outside.

This is also good for warding off any unwanted visitors during the night. It is proven in studies that vandals and thieves are more likely to steer clear of homes with outside sensory lighting.

LED Decking Lights

Whether you like the feel of turning your decking into a stage or illuminating the surroundings, LED decking offers a decorative touch that won’t be ruined by elemental damage.

No matter if it’s rain or snow hitting your garden, LED offers rust protection meaning you won’t be replacing after a heavy storm sweeps through your garden.

High traffic areas like steps should be lit well for safety reasons so that those nights dining outside, enjoying family barbecues or a night in with friends and a few bottles of the red stuff can deliver just the right mood for comfort.

Lighting Schedules

For those who like to get away and want their home to stay safe, outdoor lighting can be set around your home to turn on and off whilst you enjoy some escape time.

Lighting can be set up to home cameras and video doorbells which will activate with motion, giving the feel you are home whilst you sleep in other countries. Options for solar powered outdoor lighting can even save you money whilst away so they can charge in the day to save you during the evenings.

Control of your home lighting can be operated from an app on your phone, meaning you can be alerted no matter where or what time your lights are activated with real time notifications. This also allows you to control the lighting with just a touch of a button.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course with this much power running around your house you will want to have it be cost-efficient and as environmentally friendly as it can get.

With LED light bulbs you have an instantly renewable and recycled manufactured component at work to keep your energy costs low as well as angled lighting to prevent impact on plant and wildlife.

It is also worthwhile to consider the lighting effects on your neighbours so as not to ruffle any feathers and potential knocks on your door.

For more information on Outdoor Lighting and how to successfully implement external light fittings around your home, speak to the best domestic electrician team about how you can turn your garden into that extra welcome space to relax. Get in touch with CEB today.

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