The Great Brtish weather is certainly temperamental and with heavy rain hitting our country numerous times throughout the year, flooding is something many homeowners expect to face but could put your electrical safety at home in danger. If your home has faced flooding, there may be some damage to your electrics. So, this week, we have a useful guide on electrical safety after a flood.

Electrical safety after a flood: what to do

Before you enter the property, make sure it is safe to do so and be sure to have a torch at hand so you can see where you’re going. When do you go in, try to avoid direct contact with any remaining water as there may be contamination.

If it is safe, switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box. However, if you think there may be water inside the fuse box or spot signs of arcing or overheating, Get in touch with the experts. You should also arrange for other services, such as gas, to be switched off. These should not be switched back on until you have expert help.

Be sure to unplug all damaged electrical appliances and remove any that are portable from the area affected by the flooding.

Things to avoid

●     Do not use candles when entering the properties

●     Avoid any exposed wiring as it may still be alive

●     Do not use any mains powered electrical appliances until an expert advises you do so

●     Clean up or start repairs without knowing if it’s safe

Repairing the damage

The first step to repairing the damage is to take photos of the damage and get in touch with your insurance company and landlord (if applicable) for advice and approval to carry out repairs. Be sure to keep records of each step.

You must also contact an expert for advice about the restoration of your property and to undertake the work.

Additional information

●     Do not DIY

●     Arrange an EICR with an electrician to assess the damage

●     Make sure you send your appliances for testing if they were near the affected area.

●     Major damage to the electrics that are caused by water will likely need rewiring.

●     It may be worth speaking to your electrician about raising the height of your newly installed electrics to prevent future damage

If you would like to speak with an electrical contractor about electrical safety at home, get in touch with CEB today.

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