Electricity plays a crucial role in our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to use 99 per cent of the appliances around the home! But because we use our home electrics so often throughout the day, it can be easy to forget how dangerous it can be when used incorrectly. So, if you would like to ensure electrical safety throughout the home, read on for our handy tips!

How to ensure electrician safety around the home

The following guide contains steps we recommend following to keep electrical incidents around the home to an absolute minimum. The more you keep a safe home, the less need you will have for an electrical contractor for big repairs!

Expert help

In short, hiring an electrician for regular checkups can be beneficial as they can find small issues before they grow into an expensive problem! You can read more about why you should hire an electrical contractor here.

Bad science

Another piece of common sense to remember is that water and electricity do not mix. But raise your hand if you have taken your tablet to the bathroom so you can watch Netflix while you enjoy a relaxing bath? Though you are likely well aware of this, some people tend to overlook this rule when it comes to their bathroom, and not just for online streaming either.

Careful DIY

As we have recently discussed, the DIY approach can be dangerous and can even result in serious injury or death. This is another job for the experts, so be sure to get in touch should you need any help with your home electrics.

Kitchen safety

Common sense isn’t lost on many of us, but we are only human! Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your kitchen, the room that uses the most electrical appliances at one time, is as safe as possible. Misuse of kitchen appliances is just one of many electrical wrongdoings in the home, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.


In the event of your home flooding, it would be right to assume your electrics have been affected in the process. This is another situation that requires the help of an expert.

Gardening safety

While the Great British weather is often temperamental and it could be weeks before we see clear skies, it is always best to wait until your garden is dry before you use any gardening electricals.

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