Whether you have a new or old property, you should conduct an electrical home safety check every 5 years. This is to certify that the wiring and fittings in the property are in safe working order. In certain scenarios, only a rewire can guarantee this level of safety, but what are the benefits of rewiring a property with the help of a domestic electrician?

The lifespan of your wiring

Electrical wiring has an average lifespan of 20 years. This may seem like a lot, but it is quite easy to lose track of when the last inspection took place. It’s a good idea to hire an electrical contractor to inspect the wiring if you are unsure.


The main reason you should have your home rewired is that it will keep you and your family safe. A complete home rewiring service eliminates any issues or electrical problems. You also have a better chance of finding a cheaper and better home insurance plan.

Increased property value

The value of your property can increase by hundreds, sometimes even thousands if it has been signed off by an inspector. Old electrical systems and wiring can be off-putting for many potential buyers, something you definitely want to avoid if you are selling.

Saves on bills

Everyone is trying to save money, and your energy bills are a good place to cut back on costs. When your energy bills are at their highest, it is usually due to the fact that your energy usage is also at a high. This could be due to excess electrical usage from old wiring, so a rewire is certainly something worth considering!

Prevent appliance malfunction

Faulty electrical wiring can also have an effect on your biggest appliances. It’s important that you keep all of your appliances in top condition if you wish to continue with your daily tasks. Without frequent servicing from an electrician, your wiring could start to malfunction without you knowing, causing other appliances in the home to do the same.

No power cuts

Power cuts are quite a nuisance, especially if you rely on certain electrical items to function throughout the day when plugged in. Though it can be resolved easily, this is less likely to occur if you update your electrical wiring. Wiring that is outdated can cause the home to overload with electricity, leading to a shutdown.

Update your property wiring with CEB

There are many reasons why you should rewire your home, these are just a few benefits. Get in touch with CEB today to see how a domestic electrician can update your electrics and more.

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