Outdoor security lights can benefit your home in many ways, from guiding you to your front door to alerting burglars to keep them away. A qualified electrician should install your security lighting as they will be able to format an effective plan for your needs. So, let CEB give you all the information you need regarding how to get the most out of your outdoor security lights!

Where to install your security lighting

For a clear view of all callers, you may want to add security lighting above and to the sides of your front door. You don’t want the lights to be placed too high or straight above the door as this can cast a shadow over people’s faces, making it difficult to identify untrusted visitors.

You should also avoid installing your security lighting anywhere that could intrude your neighbour’s property. Light pollution could result in an abatement notice by your council should your lighting cause a disturbance.

If you have a passageway down the side of your property that is often quite dim in the evening, this may be a good place to install additional security lighting. Thieves target these areas as a method of sneaking by without being noticed, so adding lighting would be a good deterrent!

If you’re unsure where would be best for your security lighting, speak with your electrical contractor.

Types of security lighting

At the front or in overlooked areas of your property, you may want to consider infra-red sensors to detect movement and automatically switch the lights on. Make sure to angle these lights appropriately to ensure they aren’t triggered by passers-by. You will also want lighting that will switch off after no more than 10 minutes, as pets can trigger lighting throughout the night.


The price of security lighting can vary depending on what you want. For example, a small sensor light can cost as little as £15, but you may want to invest more if you require high quality (which you probably do). We’re not saying that the more you spend, the better you get, but there is a balance between price and quality.

Keep your home safe

Security lighting plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe, so it helps to make the investment wherever you think your property needs it. Not only will it help you identify intruders, but it will contribute to reducing your home insurance costs!

So, are you ready to invest in security lighting?

If you’re based in Greater Manchester and would like to install outdoor security lights in your home, look no further than CEB Electrics. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

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