As homes adapt to life in lockdown, it is clear to see that our daily routines will differ greatly. While the majority of us get to grips with working and studying from home, it is important to consider the extra power we use that would normally be provided by the office. Here are some tips to care for your home electrics while in lockdown.

How to care for your electrics while in lockdown: Safe charging

Technology is at the forefront of how we communicate with those outside of our homes. In other words, now more than ever do we rely on our phones, laptops, tablets, and more. Whether you are working, or your children are partaking in online classes, batteries drop fast.

Be sure to charge your devices on a solid, flat surface and avoid anywhere that can overheat such as a sofa or bed. These surfaces are flammable, causing a fire that could spread very quickly. And it is equally important for you to make sure you use the right charger for the item you are charging. Don’t be tempted by cheap spares. Instead, make sure you purchase the same brand as the device. Cheap copies may not be compatible and often contain fake or poor-quality parts.

It’s easy to dig out the extension cord to power more devices than your plug socket can handle. This can put you and everyone in your household at risk. And make sure that you don’t connect one extension cord into another. If you have trouble connecting your device to the socket, move the device closer, or find a socket elsewhere.

Shop safe

We understand that you may be scraping the pennies right now but buying cheap electrical products can lead to more costs later down the line. Why? Just like with cheap chargers, cheap products can be hazardous, causing faults in your home electrics that could be dangerous and expensive to repair. Make sure you shop smart and research what you buy before making the final decision!

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