There may be many areas where you feel you can tackle minor electrical issues, but certain jobs such as electrical outlet box repair require a professional on hand.

When it comes to outlet boxes and the electrical outlets that are fastened to them, you need reassurance that the work done to repair them is above all else safely adhered to. Over a period of time, most outlet boxes can come loose from drywall or a stud wall that it was attached to.

What may seem like a straightforward easy job of tightening a few screws is in fact a more complicated procedure that requires care and attention. Electrical outlet box repair may require full replacement of the outlet box with one that is smaller in size or maybe even resizing the hole in the drywall to suit. Also of note is that frayed wiring can cause a serious safety risk.

This is where you need to contact a professional electrician to handle the inspection and repair of any loose electrical outlet box.

Look for Warnings

One of the main signs that everyone picks up on is when a whole outlet gives a feel of coming away from the wall whenever you unplug something from the socket. Other aspects could be the faceplate sliding side to side or it not laying correctly against the wall.

These are classic signs of loose outlet boxes and if it has been loose for a long period, so have the wires attached to it. Wire damage could then be inflicted if continuously rubbing or scratching against sharp or jagged edges leaving your home at risk.

This requires the work of a commercial electrician to repair and maintain safety for your home.

Potential Hazards to Consider

There are many possible safety hazards that a loose outlet box can trigger from minor damage to catastrophe for the family.

If the loose box gets pulled against it enough times, you may experience cracking in the faceplate. This, in turn, may expose live electrical wiring which is a high risk. It may also cause inconsistent connections for power cords which will present varying power charging for the homes electrical devices and their batteries causing further damage.

You could also experience cord damage that leads to loose wiring, or even worse; electric shocks. This is the highest risk you have to the home and your family.

Call CEB

When dealing with any electrical issue in the home, whether it seems a basic task or a bit out of your comfort zone, it is always best to contact a domestic electrician to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

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