All properties, whether it be commercial or residential, are packed with electrical gadgets and devices that rely on electricity and may be susceptible to common electrical problems. When your electrical wiring isn’t working as it should be, you will find yourself facing numerous troubles along the way. Some properties may require a complete rewire but knowing some of the signs can help you make that decision. Here are some signs to look out for before getting in touch with a domestic electrician.

Broken or burned switches and sockets

If you find any wall sockets that are damaged, uncovered or appear to be burned, don’t even think about using them! Failed outlets sometimes occur as a result of either poor electrical wiring or breaker issues. Make note of the issue and bring it up with your electrical contractor immediately.

Excessive heat on bulbs when on

Also known as overlamping, bulbs can sometimes give out excessive heat when switched on. When buying bulbs, it’s important to choose ones with the correct wattage specifications. As energy equipment and accessories changes over time, the electrical circuit in your home may no longer have the ability to adapt to increasing demand for power by your new electrical items.

When your bulb creates heat, even during short use, the wattage may be too high for the light fixture. This intense heat has been known to melt sockets or burn wires within, causing serious issues including fires. As a result, the wires are no longer safe.

Blinking lights

If your lights suddenly start blinking, this is a huge sign that the health of your electrical structure is in danger. The problem could be coming from somewhere within the circuit, but it is best to speak with an electrician and have them diagnose the problem.

Warm walls

Your walls are lined with electrical wiring so that the entire property has power and light. If you find that any of these walls are warm in areas surrounding sockets and switches, it could be due to an open or broken wire that keeps burning when in use. It is crucial that you have these sockets checked immediately to avoid any potential hazards.

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