It should go without saying that a bad electrician can lead to serious dangers in your property. Though they were more common in the past, there are still a few out there. Choosing the wrong electrician can be devastating. Not only will you find yourself wasting money, but you could also end up with badly damaged electrics that require even more money to repair later on. This is why it is important to know how to spot a bad electrician.

How to spot a bad electrician – check for contracts
This should be the first red flag of a sketchy electrician. Without a contract, you are putting trust into someone who technically doesn’t have to meet their end of the agreement. Detailed contracts tend to only be created for large-scale electrical jobs, but even the smallest jobs can sometimes come with a small invoice.

Unrealistic quotations
An experienced electrician will be able to provide you with a rough idea regarding costs before even looking at the situation. This could differ once they have seen the problem, but this is still a sign of reliability. However, if their initial quote is extremely cheap, be aware. It’s easy for dodgy electricians to take off with smaller sums of money without you noticing. What’s more, if you are given a low quote, you will likely be asked to pay the money upfront, which is another bad sign. If you think the price is too low, be sure to ask questions. If they cannot provide an informative response, you should look elsewhere.

Lacking in detail
If the electrician you find does not seem to provide a lot of detail regarding their services, this is a huge red flag. Many professionals will be proud to put effort into their marketing tactics as they want people to see that their services are a wonderful investment! However, a poor-quality electrician with a dodgy reputation will likely keep their information as limited as possible to prevent customers from finding out something they prefer to hide.

Generally unreliable
If your chosen electrician passes the first three tests, be sure to then look out for a general lack of reliability. Any good electrician will demonstrate organisation and efficiency without any issues. Tardiness, messiness and lack of communication are certainly three signs that you should cut ties and find a replacement.

Cutting corners
It’s important to monitor the service process so that you can assess whether your electrician has cut corners or not. Can you see any exposed wires? Does something look like it hasn’t been installed properly? If the answer to either of these is “yes”, then you could be left with dangerous electrics.

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