Have you been thinking about investing in a wireless alarm system for a business location? When it comes to business security, there are two main types of alarm systems to choose from: wired or wireless. Whether you need a burglar, fire or carbon monoxide alarms, there are many options available for your particular needs. This week, we will be looking specifically at wireless alarms for your business to help you see if this is the right option for you.

Save money with wireless alarms

A common assumption with wireless alarms is that the initial cost outweighs the costs of a wired alarm. However, if you factor in the costs of installation, as well as the time this will take, your business will take a smaller hit when choosing wireless.

If you were to choose a wired alarm system, you will need to drill into walls to ensure everything is connected. This is a loud and messy job, which could result in you shutting down your business for a day or two. This then means that you could lose a day of work, which is also a day of profit. With wireless security, you can simply install and get everything running within a day without any business disruption.

Take your system with you

Should things go well for your business and you find yourself relocating to a larger space, you will want to take your alarms with you. This is so much easier to do with a wireless system as there is no need to hire an expert to help take everything down. Some people choose to leave them behind and spend more money replacing them!

Changing the batteries

One downside to wireless security systems, however, is that you will find yourself changing the batteries of each system every year or so. It’s not the biggest issue but it can feel like a nuisance. It’s simply something to think about before choosing wireless.

Want to learn more about wireless security installation?

We understand that all electrical elements in your business require serious consideration. So, while looking for the right electrical contractor for your project, why not ask them about wireless security systems? At CEB, we are more than happy to help. Get in touch to find out more.

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