Whilst many businesses have faced a tough year due to lockdown’s and the overall effects of the pandemic, forward-thinking business owners have used the time to focus on compliance and ensuring their premises are fully operational even with a diminished capacity for work. This is why hiring a commercial electrician in Manchester over lockdown is a great idea.

One area critical to ensuring the workplace meets standards is bringing in a commercial electrician on a number of jobs that usually cannot be adequately achieved during hectic busy workdays.

Lighting Installations

Whilst natural light is ideal for the workplace, additional lighting is always required especially when the nights start to creep in earlier in the later months

Whether your workspace is being refitted or improved, lighting is a major factor in helping your employees to work safely and productively. Wide ranges of lighting solutions can be made available in most settings from office spaces to restaurants and designed properly can give a unique level of character and tranquillity.

Lighting can also be applied to temporary exhibitions, events and stalls which recommend you utilise an approved electrical contractor to ensure the lighting is fit to standard.

Safety with Electrics

A key component to the running of any business is the safety of employees and visitors to your business and complying to health and safety regulations.

A commercial electrician should be called on to inspect and test all electrical facets within the business to ascertain that safety. Working with regulated standards means that commercial electricians are able to diagnose and make repairs if necessary and ensure all electrical appliances and outlets are operating as they should.

When it comes to alarms and fire escape lighting, an electrician minimises the risk of electrical fires by ensuring that annual testing is in place.


As with fire alarms, the full testing of everything from CCTV camera installation to access control devices and security lighting is high in knowledge for your electrician

By having these areas checked regularly you fully reduce the risk of theft and criminal damage to your place of business and are safe in the knowledge that everything is operating as it should.


Whether it is supplying new sockets or installing new chargers, local electrical contractors ensure that the office spaces or other areas do not run the risk of overloading existing sockets or causes outages from shorting out from too much power. This saves businesses from company downtime if a circuit blows from too much current for it to handle, thereby saving a business losing sometimes a full day of work.

To have your business fully covered by a commercial electrician in Manchester, contact CEB Electrics today.

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